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Satta Family

Satta Family – One of the most common explanations for the origin of the name Satta is that it is actually « S’atta » meaning « knife edge », perhaps from pirates from Northern Europe. This also explains the average height of Sattas and their fair skin and light eyes.

Sardinia has some connections with the far north, as in the Sardinian dance called « Scottis », which is similar to the Scottish jig and a local dance in Bergen, Norway. The Vikings may have traveled far throughout history.

Satta Family

Satta Family

Anastasia was married to Altana Bacci, who was to become a priest and gave birth to Giovanni Battista and Giovanni Anna, affectionately known as « Babbai ». This girl later married another Bacchiu Giovanni and had four daughters, Maria, Giovanni, Teresa and Giacobba, the last of whom married Ozieri Giovanni Satta.

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A search for the name Satta gives the following result: « The family of Gallura (Gallura, northeastern part of Sardinia), whose origins date back to the beginning of the 16th century. In 1502, one Angelo Satta took power. podesta. Coginas area, Oliva, whose descendants are suspected until 1596. One of them, Antonio, was knighted in 1599, and his sons were enrolled in 1626…. The Parliament Vivas and another session of the Parliament after that allowed Antonio’s sons to form two separate branches of the family:

Giovanni Satta was born in Tula, the direct and only descendant of a wealthy Chessa landowning family, and was a high school teacher by profession. In 1938 he married Giacobba Baccio from Buduso and went to live on the mainland. They lived in their home in Frascati, a town famous for its sparkling white wine, located on the slopes of an old volcano overlooking Rome. Giovanni attended Romefort’s two schools, the Nobile Collegio Mondragone and Villa Sora, the sons of Italian nobles, and had some famous students.

During the war, the Germans made Prince Villa Aldobrandi their headquarters, drawing fire from the American allies as they tried to drive them out of Italy. It was during one of these air raids, on September 8, 1943, that Giacobba and other residents of Frascati took refuge in the large wine cellar on the 42nd floor of the villa. Margherita and Anna, 8 months pregnant and 14-month-old shaking with every explosion, were held.

When it was all over, he saw the entire city in ruins. His nine-room house was lavishly furnished with ancient family heirlooms, and the cellar contained unopened wedding gifts and a large quantity of olive oil. An incendiary bomb was planted in the center of the house, destroying it and the fire raging for days. Iron beds, silver vessels, and jewels were mixed with one metal. There was nothing to save; they lost everything. Today there is a small square in front of the church to mark the site of what was once an empty house.

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Giovanni was in Rome that day and witnessed the explosion from afar. Fearing the worst, he ran to Frascat and found his wife and child in a state of disarray but alive. Unfortunately, they returned to Rome. Here they rented an apartment belonging to Barnabas, a Jewish engineer who was an innocent victim of the Nazis. He is one of 120 men randomly selected to escape to the Ardeatin Caves and cross Rome to avenge the 12 German soldiers killed in a guerrilla bombing at Rasella. You can still see it. There are fire marks on the walls of houses there and the Fosse delle Ardeatin has become a national monument.

While living in this house, it was searched by the Nazis, and Giovanni was afraid of his wife, Jacoba, a Jewish name. Like many Italian Jews at the time, he feared being taken to a concentration camp. For the rest of his life, Giacobba took care to always give his name as « Giacomina ».

After Margherita was born in Rome on October 2, Giovanni hurriedly moved the family to Sardinia, where he still had a home to live in and relations to support them. Giovanni managed to arrange a train passage from Naples in the Navy to Cagliari (the port of Civitavecchia had been destroyed and Olbia was still in German hands) and Buduso. They stayed there until the end of the war, during which time they had two more children, Vincent (Enzo) and Maria Battistina (Mabi).

Satta Family

In 1947 they all moved to Rome, but always kept in close touch with Sardinia, returning faithfully every summer vacation. He owned property on the coast of Olbia, spent a lot of time at sea, and may have been his first summer vacationer in the area. This part of Sardinia was to become one of the most important and prestigious resorts of the Mediterranean since the 1970s, famous for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea, and His Holiness the Aga Khan showed great respect for the beauty of the natural landscape. .

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However, tragedy struck the Satta family in 1959 when, during one of these happy trips to Sardinia, Giovanni died suddenly of brain disease, leaving Giacobba alone with his four young children. With many sacrifices and careful management of funds, he was able to successfully raise his children with a good education and architectural degree for his son Enzo, buying a new house in Rome. Of course, they all took a serious approach to managing the family’s finances.

After Enzo graduated from the University of Rome with a degree in architecture, he spent two years working with Michele Busiri Vichy in Rome, who was instrumental in the initial development of the Costa Smeralda. He then worked in South Africa for four years and in 1973 came to Costa Smeralda at the invitation of his sister, who was afraid of political unrest in the country. Here he distinguished himself so much that the Aga Khan Foundation awarded him a scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in urban planning at Boston University. After doing so, he stayed in Boston for two more years to gain experience before returning to Porto Cervo as head of planning at Costa Smeralda. In 1994 he was elected to the regional assembly of Sardinia and since then he has played a leading role in local politics.

Enzo Mariangela, a Sardinian girl from nearby Arzachena, married the mother of Muzzu Mantova. They have two children, Melissa and Maximilian. Riccardo has a son from a previous union with Anna Sarzi Amade of Tuscany.

There are two people in Obacoba Baccio’s family who deserve special mention. The first Filippo Baccio, born in 1838, became bishop of Ozieri in 1897. His motto is « 

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«  » means « Justice and Peace Kissed » and its emblem depicts two angels, one on a dove carrying a scale, the other a sword and an olive branch. There was an obvious play on the name Bacciu, which translates to « Kiss », a family motto that was very popular at the time. it is easy to imagine that it had a deeper meaning, such as the end of the conflict.

Filippo was born in Buddusso to the family of hardworking and honest cattlemen Giovanni Bacchu Farris and Maria Altana Porcu. His twin brother, Gaspar, died at birth, while his other brother, Giuseppe, died during military training in Lucca. Filippo grew up God-fearing, working and tending cattle alongside his other surviving brothers, Salvatore and Fedele.

As a bishop, he was very active and used his family’s personal wealth generously for the benefit of his church: he carried out expensive restoration work in the church, regularly fed the poor, and founded the Philippine nunnery to protect the poor and orphans. He abhorred extravagance and extravagance, and invited all the priests of his kingdom to eat regularly. But one of these priests wanted to surprise him with a very nice meal, but after the first course, Filippo quietly said goodbye and « buon prosegumento » (enjoy your meal) and went to his room, greeted coldly by the astonished priest. lesson.uui: A beautiful view of snow-capped Fuji from Satta-toge overlooking Saruga Bay. This mountain pass offered the best view of the entire highway. Utagawa Hiroshige (歌川広179, 1797 – October 12, 1858) was a Japanese ukiyo-e painter and

Satta Family

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